Chance Thomas

Chance Thomas is a multiple-award-winning composer, best known for scoring blockbuster video games and animated films. His music has underscored both critical acclaim and commercial success, including an Oscar, an Emmy and worldwide success on multiple gaming franchises.


MIchael Greene

Michael Greene has worked as an audio engineer in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Los Angeles, California, for the last 29 years. He has recorded over 150 film trailers, 100 albums and over 60 film scores of various shapes and sizes. Michael is fluent and comfortable working in all styles of music ranging across orchestral film scores, jazz, rock and folk.


J Scott Rakozy

J Scott Rakozy currently resides at Huge Studios as a full-time composer, producer, arranger, audio engineer, and sound designer, providing wondrous content to a variety of incredibly talented and dedicated clients.

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Music scoring for animation, TV, IMAX, feature films and documentaries. Services include spotting, scoring to picture, orchestration, sheet music prep, contracting, recording, editing and mixing. Live, hybrid or virtual production options available.

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Interactive Scoring

Music design, composition and production for VR, AR, video games and apps. Services include adaptive music design, original music composition and production an implementation. Live, hybrid or virtual production options available.

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Artist services

Album and demo production for recording artists. Services include song selection, songwriting, arranging, contracting musicians, recording, mixing and producing. Live, hybrid or virtual production options available.

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Recording and mixing

Recording and mixing for composers, recording artists, producers, DJ’s and bands. Services include session prep, mic selection and setup, recording engineering, editing and mixing. Source Connect available for out of town clients.

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Huge Studios provides real-time global interconnectivity for ADR and music recording using Source Connect.  This proven technology provides an ISDN replacement that is secure, high quality, and allows recording and monitoring from anywhere in the world using standard  high-speed internet connected to any computer platform, including Pro Tools. Source Connect provides remote connectivity for various setups including music recording and overdubbing in perfect sync. It is becoming the industry standard.

Music Facilities

  • Sound Stage
  • Equipment
  • Live orchestral scoring stage

    Spacious live recording room, ideally suited for recording orchestra, choir, big band, drums and vocals. Our expansive sound stage has been designed for a clear, open, yet warm sound. It can accommodate 55 players and has sight lines to Iso 1.

  • Equipment

    • Readily accommodates 45–50 musicians
    • 44’ x 36’ recording space with 18’ ceiling
    • World-class collection of vintage and current microphones
    • Yamaha C7 grand piano with Disklavier system
    • Movable theatrical curtains for tuning room acoustics
    • Cyclorama walls with 4’ radius
  • Studio
  • Equipment 1
  • Equipment 2
  • Studio A

    Studio A has been designed with an emphasis on scoring for film and video games. The centerpiece is our 64-input Neve Genesys Black console with 32 Neve 1073 mic-pre’s, 16 Neve 1084 eq’s and 16 88rs eq’s. Along with a full complement of outboard mic-pre’s and eq’s, we have a wide array of sonic colors available.

    Studio A Monitoring:
    Augspurger main monitor system, a Dynaudio 5.1 surround monitor system and Pro-Ac nearfieds.

    Avid Pro-Tools HDX with 64 channels of Focusrite Rednet I/O and Sync HD.
    Logic Pro X
    UAD Octo Satellite with a large complement of plugins

  • Equipment 1

    • Neve Genesys Black G64, 64-input console
    • 64 channels of Focusrite RedNet converters
    • AVID Pro Tools HDX with Source Connect
    • George Augspurger Solo 12 Mains w/12” subs (2)
    • Dynaudio BM­15A surround monitors (5)
  • Equipment 2


    • Neve 1084 EQ (16) in console
    • Neve 88r EQ (16) in console
    • API 550A EQ (2)
    • API 550B EQ (2)
    • API 560 Graphic EQ (2)
    • Inward Connections EQP2 (2)
    • Purple Audio Odd EQ (2)


    • Ampex 600 Modified Tube
    • Focusrite OctaPre (8 Cnls)
  • Studio
  • Equipment
  • Studio E

    Dedicated scoring studio for composing music to picture, including movies, television, video games, VR and  commercials.

  • Equipment

    • Interactive music design and integration
    • Traditional music scoring for linear formats
    • Synchronization to multiple file types and specs
    • Thousands of virtual instruments available
    • Pro Tools, Finale, and Digital Performer systems
    • 64” LED scoring screen, Genelec monitors
    • Direct connectivity to Sound Stage and studio Iso Booths
    • Comfortable client accommodations
  • ISO 1
  • Live Recording Room

    • 21’ x 16’ recording space with 12’ ceiling
    • Access to Sound Stage mic collection (see above)
    • Visibility to Sound Stage for sectional recording
    • Video playback, ADR capability
    • HearBack headphone system

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